Showroom Model

Let’s start by saying that a showroom is a kind of office whose main role is to represent companies, more specifically fashion brands placed on a given territory. The objective of a showroom (fashion showroom) is to expose and sell clothing collections to customers.
The showroom model is the one who wears the articles of clothing presented during the event, giving the possibility to the customer to see the collection live without using photos.
Being a showroom model is a challenging job, sometimes it can take months and it needs a constant presence of the model. For branded showrooms of a certain level, it is required a model who got a certain ability to know how to move and walking, in order to enhance the article that she is wearing. Unlike fashion models, the physical requirements required are a little bit more flexible and they vary according to each showroom. A showroom model needs to be 173 cm (minimum), size 42 (maximum).

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