Fotomodel/ Shooting Model

The shooting model is the one who uses her face and body for different kinds of photo shoots which are used for simple fashion catalogs, for magazine commercials and of course editorial covers.
Unlike fashion model, for a shooting model being tall is not an essential condition. Whereas a symmetrical and photogenic face is probably one of the most wanted element by fashion photographers. This is taken with the necessity of a good appearance and a well-proportioned and toned body, which could give the right valorization to the picture’s details.
As runway model, also for the shooting model a good look is not enough. Professionalism, personality, but most of all confidence in front of photographic lens are necessary.
A successful photo needs to be supported by multiple elements. The shooting model must be able to harness her face and body mixing them with the energy coming from her character.
The “book” is the best business card for a shooting model.

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