Fitting Model

A fitting model is a fashion model required by fashion designers or clothing manufacturers to test and check the fit and the way clothes appears on a person.
A fit model, to be selected and used for this kind of work, needs to meet the most demanding physical criteria: we are talking about centimeters. Fitting model’s measures depend on the size required by fashion designers. They are looking for a certain height, waist and hips circumference, even length and circumference of the arms and legs. All measurements must match exactly those requests.
In addition to checking the fit of an item of clothing, the fit model’s role is sometimes also needed for the “designing” of the gown itself, which is precisely adapted and made up to the body of the model.
It is important to point out that during fitting there are two steps, or better say we got two kinds of tests: sampling and production.
Samples are carrying out after the tailors have made the clothes of the collections that the fashion designers have drawn. The clothes that are used will be worn by runway models during fashion shows. For this reason fit models need measures very similar to catwalk models. Instead, if we talk about the production tests, they are realized after the fashion shows, adapting clothes to the market’s needs.

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