Fashion Model/Catwalk Model

The fashion model, also known as catwalk model, is the one who walks down the runway during fashion shows. The fashion model must have the ability to showcase the clothes done by fashion designers during the fashion show, walking on a simple runway, but also on demanding platforms, downhill or even stairs. For haute couture fashion shows, the fashion model should also be able to mix elegance and grace in order to fully enhance the article of clothing presented.
A catwalk model must first observe specific physical criteria. Unlike other types of models in the fashion world we are talking about criteria which are much more rigid and ambitious. The runway model must have a body with good proportions with a minimum height of 175 cm and a size that is around 38 or 40, no more. A beautiful and visibly cared skin is equally appreciated.
The body is undoubtedly the starting point, but it is not enough. Personality is essential. Determination, strength of mind and professionalism are key features. Be able to enhance a clothe is something more than simple beauty or physical harmony. A strong personality, elegant and sinuous moves make a fashion model a true qualified professional of this industry.

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