Curvy Model

“Soft” body, explosive curves, prosperous breast, extra and unconventional measures, a body far from the standard canons of fashion and haute couture. These are just some of the specific features of the models called “curvy”.
The curvy model has high weight and size that turn away from the classic requirements required to fashion models.
Curvy doesn’t mean not being able to take care of the body. It’s just a different way of building and modeling your own physiognomy by following body’s maintaining processes which are distinct from fashion, fit and so on models’ criteria.
The curvy model embraces harmonious shapes and proportions, even if they’re abundant, and her look is objectively beautiful. The sizes vary from 46 up to 52, with a minimum height of 175 cm.
We don’t really need to point out the importance of personality for this kind of model.
An unconventional body implies a considerable dose of self-esteem, fluency and awareness of your body. A woman, even before of being a model, who accepts her body has a winning weapon to achieve the right mix of confidence and security in life, as at work

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